HSE course for Safety Representatives.

Introduction to HSE for safety representatives and leaders. The course covers training requirements for safety representatives.

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About the course

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In this course, emphasis is placed on practical assignments, questions and issues.


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With a safety representative course from Grønn Jobb for managers and safety representatives, you will be ready to take on the HSE challenges. You will receive training in targeted HSE work, introduction to laws and regulations for the working environment and a better understanding of health, environment and safety and not least your role as a safety representative.

This course meets and satisfies the requirements of the Working Environment Act with associated regulations for requirements for training in the working environment for the general manager and safety representative.


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What do you learn

  • The role of safety representative / what are my tasks?
  • Physical work environment factors
  • Protection round - mapping in the workplace
  • Deviation registration
  • Work Act and the most important regulations
  • Systematic HSE work / HSE handbook - what to do
    it contain?
  • Mapping and risk assessment
  • Follow-up of sick leavers
  • Psychosocial and organizational work environment + AKAN
  • Chemical and biological work environment factors


 Meet the instructor

Peter - 1080x1080

Peter Sund

HSE safety engineer and professional leader in Grønn Jobb Bedriftshelsetjeneste

Peter has a versatile experience as a professional manager, occupational physiotherapist, HSE safety engineer and in recent years as an occupational hygienist. Peter has good experience with mapping and guidance up to current working environment legislation and associated regulations. He is also approved as a consultant and certifier within the environmental management system Miljøfyrtårn.